New webshop in Norway

New webshop in norway

I’ve recently talked about starting a business in Denmark and this blogpost is about entrepreneurship too, but in another Scandinavian country, Norway.

Norway is well alike Denmark in many ways, entrepreneurship is very different here than back home in Denmark. It seems like less Norwegians takes the leap becoming an entrepreneur or hesitate to do so, which i find odd, considering the two countries are so alike.

My new webshop and business Hyfda which is a brand i started in Denmark back in 2015, also called Hyfda. The idea for the webshops came from kickstarter actually, when i realized that many of theese cool products never sees the day in Scandinavia, because our market is so small… Aprox. 20 mio. people, which is considerablie less than the united states.

Bringing international brands to Norway

On the webshop i’m working on bringning international brands to Norway, but not the wellknown like Gucci or Prada… no, no… We’re talking unique brands like

Many of theese brands sell and ship internationally, but as an homeborn Scandinavian from Denmark and now living in Norway, i know how people shop here in Scandinavia and people have more trust towards websites in their own laungauge and domain name and therefor i’m taking all of theese brands to Norway and Denmark, because i believe that there is alot of potentiale there.

Besides theese amazing brands, i’m working on bringning amazing products to the webshop. To mention a few:

Theese are some of my favorite products on the webshop and many of them are products that started askickstarter campaigns… And very succesfull ones, raising millions of dollars on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter So if you’re livining in Norway you should visit my webshop Hyfda based in Oslo.