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Influence of technology on Video conferencing

Influence of technology on Video conferencing Technology has made things easier in so many sectors and in so many ways. One of these ways is through video conferencing with the use of AV equipment. Technology has now made it possible for you to sit in your office in Spain for instance and communicate [...]

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New webshop in Norway

New webshop in Norway I've recently talked about starting a business in Denmark and this blogpost is about entrepreneurship too, but in another Scandinavian country, Norway. Norway is well alike Denmark in many ways, entrepreneurship is very different here than back home in Denmark. It seems like less Norwegians takes the leap becoming [...]

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How to start a business in Denmark

How to start a business in Denmark Are you in the market of starting af business in Denmark and curious on how to do this? Well... You've come to the right place! Business in Denmark Starting a business in Denmark is very similar to starting a business in the other Scandinavian countries Sweden [...]

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